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Dr. Andrew and Sarah Swafford are both former collegiate athletes who found Jesus Christ in a powerful way in college and have devoted their lives to sharing the joy of his truth ever since. They speak frequently across the country (as well as in Europe, Australia, and the Philippines) on dating, marriage, the moral and spiritual life, and Sacred Scripture. Sarah is the author of Emotional Virtue: A Guide to Drama-free Relationships, and Andrew is general editor and contributor to the Great Adventure Catholic Bible, as well as author of What We Believe: The Beauty of the Catholic Faith. They live in Atchison, KS with their five children, ages 16 to 3.

The Swafford Family

Our Ministries

The Swaffords

Swafford Ministries

Dr. Andrew and Sarah Swafford speak frequently together on dating, marriage, and parenting. Drawing from their experience, study, and walking with countless people along the way, they share the virtues and skills that help us love well, with joy and confidence, even when we find it difficult to do so. They also lead pilgrimages regularly to Rome, Poland, and the Holy Land, ministering to people of all ages.

Emotional Virtue: Sarah Swafford

Emotional Virtue

Sarah Swafford speaks across the country (and around the world) on dating, relationships, and interior confidence. Engaging audiences of all ages, Sarah’s message resonates deeply with both men and women, as she helps them navigate the twists and turns of life, especially when it comes to relationships. In a powerful way, she addresses co-ed audiences, female-only audiences, as well as men’s groups and men’s conferences.

Spiritual Survival: Dr. Andrew Swafford

Spiritual Survival

Drawing from his athletic background and experience, Dr. Andrew Swafford speaks frequently on virtue and the spiritual life, showing a path not only of surviving but thriving spiritually today. A dynamic teacher and scholar of the Bible, Dr. Swafford also speaks on Scripture and related topics pertaining to the Sacraments and apologetics, as he shares with audiences of all ages the connection between Sacred Scripture and the Catholic tradition.


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